Kitchener Commercial Janitorial Services

Super Clean’s vast service menu is designed to meet the needs of any business and any building, no matter the size. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals, all of whom have undergone rigorous training in multiple areas of custodial service—from general labourers, day porters and matrons; to tradespersonnel and specialists in upholstery care, floor refinishing, flood restoration, lighting maintenance and more. Our mission is to deliver the utmost value and shine without exception; working proactively and employing preventative measures in order to do so. Our impeccable standards are backed by an exemplary staff whose precision and ceaseless work ethic keep us aiming high. Their excellence has not only served to enable company growth, but stands as testament to the strength of our training program and mentorship approach. We treat every member of staff with respect, fairness and equality; empowering individuals who pay it forward. Super Clean extends its moral certitude to client relations: we are the company that keeps its promise, exceeds your expectations and is there to provide the expertise needed for all of your custodial needs, day and night.