We Clean Green.

Custodial services that don’t just consider, but strive to protect the health of people with equal consideration to protecting their environment: this is how we clean green. Super Clean uses products and techniques that are eco-friendly—that avoid or entirely eliminate the use of toxic chemicals.

The Green Cleaning Program

All cleaning products and equipment meet the requirements of LEED EB: O&M credits EQc3.3. and 3.4 in their entirety. Our program focuses on environmentally-sound ‘best-practises’ for interior cleaning specifically, addressing the purchase of sustainable Eco-Logo cleaning materials and equipment; as well as the development and implementation of both standard and innovative procedures for effective cleaning. The collection and subsequent address of occupant feedback aids in our formulation of procedures pertaining to use of chemical concentrates and dilution systems. The company’s Area and Operations Managers will ensure that all sustainable programs are adhered to without compromise, with a final inspection by the Director of Client Services to ascertain compliance. Super Clean strives to purchase green cleaning products and equipment as part of our mandate to provide a green, clean and healthy environment for all those who use the facilities we have the privilege of servicing.

Recycling & Waste Program

Continuous training, on-site demonstrations and spot inspections are conducted by the Supervisor and Foreman of light and heavy duty operators with regard to the collection and emptying of recycling and trash receptacles. Proper disposal of paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastics; sharp objects and organic waste into appropriate trash bags and bins is our way of preventing cross-contamination.

How Does Cleaning Green Help You?

It is widely known that chemical cleaning products are harmful to human health and also a threat to animals. Allergic reactions, eye/ skin irritation; and respiratory problems are frequently attributed to those toxic compounds commonly found in cleaning agents. In addition to the potential negative affects on the welfare of families, employees and pets, long-term business productivity may also decrease if and when persons are consistently exposed to harsh chemical cleaning products. Opting for ‘green cleaning’ has several advantages that prove to be less costly when compared to reduced efficiency in the workplace or increased medical expenses in the home. In addition, green cleaning may also help reduce long-term energy costs.

Indoor Air Quality

At Super Clean Building Maintenance Inc., it is our priority to work with products that do not contain harmful additives— to guarantee top Indoor Air Quality in both the short and long-term.

Poor indoor air quality is an OSHA Recognized Hazard that can negatively impact the well-being of building occupants. It can result in health issues ranging from common dust and allergy symptoms to more severe health issues over time like asthma, cancer and heart disease. We will continue to improve the indoor air quality at your facility by:

  • Using Eco-Logo vacuums with HEPA-Filters to capture 99% of dust and allergens
  • Seasonal deep steam cleaning to remove allergens as well as colour restoration and stain removal
  • Micro-Fibre cloths and dusters are used to trap moisture and dust at the microbial level — Using certified-green products as part of our deep cleaning program to sanitize all surfaces
  • Floors will be washed using a germicidal eco-friendly product to assure hygiene and easy breathing

Environmental Initiatives

Super Clean continues to work closely with its suppliers in order to better serve clients by researching and testing any new or revolutionary products and equipment that enter the marketplace. We have all suppliers lead repeated demonstrations before initiating trials; and conduct presentations that clearly outline how a product or mechanism will enhance our current service level. Our principals then ensure that the units in question honour all safety codes, as well as our We Clean Green’ mandate. 

Thereafter, we will see to…

  • • The implementation of product dispensing systems, free of charge
  • • Insurance that all equipment, cleaning agents, materials are 100% Eco-Logo endorsed

The SCBM Green Cleaning commitment includes the provision of:

  • Certified non-toxic cleaning products
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • EPA recognized disinfectant Non-ammonia glass and multi-purpose cleaners
  • Non-alkaline detergents
  • Environmentally conscious and knowledgeable staff
  • Advanced energy saving cleaning equipment

SCBM is honoured to provide effective Green-cleaning services to businesses in Ontario, using natural and environmentallysound products and tools to carry out strategies that can’t be beat!

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