Consultation Services

We can also help you with staffing references and to overhaul supplies and inventory, so that your company operates at the highest level of eco-consciousness, utilizing sustainable, cutting-edge technology. Once you are ready to boost productivity and service scale, we’ll be here to advise you on next-steps and how to achieve next-level results that reflect in your books and in client feedback; in employee performance and retention.

You will be amazed at how fast your company grows, as early as the first quarter.


Our industry is flooded with product options that all tout one claim or another. We can help you see through the haze of producers, suppliers and products and make purchasing environmentally-friendly and cost-effective consumables easier than ever.

Our specialties include—

  • • Reviewing existing supplies for cost efficiencies
  • • Negotiating with existing and new suppliers
  • • Ensuring products meet desired environmental and quality standards
  • • Tracking backorders, purchases and deliveries
  • • Scheduling orders
  • • Scheduling employees; training procedures and execution
  • • Creation and implementation of employee rewards programs
  • • Creation and implementation of benefits programs
  • • Site inspection, evaluation and proposal preparation

Communicating the benefits of your cleaning program to potential and existing clients is a key part of service delivery. As tenants continue to become more involved with sustainability directives, it is important to provide them with the right information. Whether it involves outlining the current cleaning program or the use of new technologies and equipment, we have the experience and educational resources to work with you so that you can work effectively for your client(s).

We understand that a well-trained workforce is critical and, as such, have developed a wide range of programs that will allow you to deliver increased value to staff and partners.

Super Clean is licensed to lead W.H.M.I.S., Health & Safety and Janitorial Inspection Programs for your staff, and will combine said training while espousing the finer points of employee empowerment. Our strength is in our people and we understand the importance of investing in our front line: let us show you how small changes can lead to dramatic increases in morale and profit.