Scheduled Cleaning Service In Niagara Falls

Our specialized custodial staff operate modern, lightweight equipment in conjunction with effective green cleaning solutions that will not damage freshly-painted and/or remodelled areas. We take great care to ensure that new owners and/or tenants are stunned by their new space; and that the finished product of your hard-work and long hours rings with potentiality.

We offer complete cleaning packages and perform specialty cleaning services such as interior and exterior window cleaning; floor finishing and re-finishing and deep carpet cleansing.

Once building construction or a remodel is complete, we will get to know every cast and contour in every room on every floor. We are your ideal partner in the provision of ongoing cleaning service precisely because we initiate first inspection, so as to glean a thorough knowledge of your property and identify, then tend to any unique specifications.
 ! We have tremendous respect for architects and those in trades and construction. You bring the design to life… we’ll make it brilliant.