Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning

A clean warehouse is a fundamental part of good business practice: it’s not just the key to keeping your books in order, but commensurate to employee health; to ensuring indoor air quality for those who toil within all repositories and annexes; and in any and all adjacent offices. Warehouses and various industrial complexes require cleaning methods that adhere to strict EPA standards and regulations; as well as custodians who are physically fit enough to handle the scale and heft associated with the maintenance of factories and the like.

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Janitorial Services Customized for Ontario’s Educational Institutions

Many Canadian schools are grappling with budget cuts and drawbacks, with interminable demands for their buildings to be safe, spotless and environmentally-sound. Super Clean has designed its strategy and service; refined its inventory to be as safe and as green as possible. We deliver impeccable results while maintaining focus on sustainability; meeting the strictest health and safety requirements while performing with a level of efficiency that saves you money. We believe our services will suit your needs exactly and reassure staff and students, parents and peripheral boards of proper allocation of funds and service excellence.

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Health Care Facility and Medical Office Cleaning

Super Clean Building Maintenance considers health and safety above else; and fully abides the many regulations that govern the caretaking and hygienics of healthcare facilities. Apart from providing mere visual reassurance, we work tirelessly to ensure completely sanitary environments, with rigorous decontamination practices enforced to keep medical facilities and all their occupants safe. Since hospital-related infections now account for almost two million annual patient cases, it is more vital than ever for healthcare facilities to employ properly equipped and well-trained cleaning staff.

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