Super Clean Building Maintenance has one of the highest retention rates in the industry, with complete focus on proper training and the development of our greatest asset: our people— a faction as diverse as it is dependable. They are the face and force of our company and, without them, success would not be viable.

Our already qualified operatives undergo continuous and extensive training to facilitate the seamless incorporation of new technologies; and to ensure full compliance with potentially shifting specifications. Training sessions are held twice monthly in both individual and group settings, prompting open discussion and the reinforcement of core policies and procedures. At SCBM, we perfectly balance the needs of our clients with the skills of our employees, creating a perfect match every time.

Routine performance evaluations are conducted by company principals as a means of quality control and data collection, so that our top-value delivery is as tangible on paper as on-site. Our people are known for their unyielding motivation and enthusiasm, working diligently and with precision no matter the time frame.

Super Clean strives to recognize those who are determined to advance and enable them to do so within our organization. Our Employee Recognition program is aimed at job performance and rewards those who demonstrate exceptional leadership, commitment to customer service and a will to succeed. They are first in line for any and all promotions that become available. That said, SCBM is always on the hunt for new talent and welcomes anyone interested in our industry to apply for a position.

If you are looking to start your career with a company that values its employees; respects the environment and is fair and equitable without exception, then consider your application anticipated. You will receive proper training, achievable workloads and be integrated into the bright and hardworking team that we proudly support and empower.

Recruitment Process

Application: We are an equal opportunity employer and, as such, invite all those seeking employment with SCBM to complete an application. All requisitions are reviewed for eligibility and selected candidates contacted within a week.

Interview: After a vis-a-vis with Senior Management, candidates’ work history and references are cross-checked to validate accuracy and level of expertise. Qualifications determine placement to ensure competence and cohesion.

Hiring: After all relevant personal information and security verifications are completed, an offer of employment is presented alongside a welcome package highlighting placement/s and career trajectories available within our company.

Training: Hired candidates must complete several courses, with training hours determined and regulated by post. Corresponding tests on Health & Safety, environmental responsibility and ‘Respect in the Workplace’ must be passed. Company policies and procedures are communicated and rigorous training—relevant to both technology and technique— commences to ensure efficiency from day one. Our staff is courteous and will always be there to answer any and all questions.

Available Positions

Light Duty Operator

sweeping, washing, polishing/waxing floors, cleaning and disinfection of common areas; vacuuming and proper waste disposal. Successful candidates must demonstrate a high attention to detail; an ability to meet tight deadlines and be physically active for long periods of time.

Heavy Duty Operator

Duties include: washing, scrubbing and polishing hard surface floors with manual or mechanized scrubbing equipment. Polishing is done with either hand held or walk-behind buffing machines. In large, open job sites, automated equipment may be used to perform these functions. Transporting, operating and cleaning garbage compactors; and the transportation of maintenance machinery, when necessary, between floors and job sites is also of routine charge. Power washers will be used to clean various outdoor areas & parking lots. Other responsibilities include: variegated outdoor maintenance work in winter months; cleaning of stairwells and elevator cabs where ladders are required; and routine maintenance procedures performed using floor machines, vacuums, automatic scrubbers & buffers, and larger self-propelled machines.

Day Porter and Matrons

Responsible for: making sure the building is spotless—presentable and inviting at all times—especially between routine cleaning/ maintenance activities. They are to ensure the building is safe for all occupants, especially in the event of exceptional circumstances and/or unexpected incidents like structural failure, slippery floors or broken glass. These roles include assisting in the opening of a facility; patrolling of all common areas; litter clean-up on exterior grounds and reportage of any and all concerns to the Foreman or Supervisor.


Previous experience in a similar role is preferred but not essential, though professional cleaning experience is a must. Duties include, but are not limited to the supervision of on-site team/s and co-ordinate activities; as well as the inspection of sites and facilities to duly ensure quality and safety standards. Supervisors also recommend and/or arrange for additional maintenance services; prepare and assign work schedules; and co-ordinate with other departments in order to complete all daily requirements. 
 The successful candidate must be bondable and possess a driver’s license with solid abstract: a criminal record check will also be performed. An ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and thrive under deadline pressure is essential. Supervisors must employ critical thinking while retaining the best interests of client and company alike.

Foreman/Lead Hand

Conduct on-site orientations with new employees and employees in new positions that cover all company health and safety policies and procedures. Forepersons operate various tools and equipment including heavy-duty machinery; and perform preventative maintenance on tools and equipment by conducting inspections and lubricating & cleaning on a daily basis. The role also warrants the completion and submission of reports and affiliate paperwork on a daily basis. Forepersons also maintain and enforce standards of cleanliness and organization in assigned trucks, trailers, equipment, job sites and shop/yard areas. They labour to ensure that all duties are carried out in a safe and efficient manner and that all crew members work in compliance with government and company PPE standards. Knowledge of specific materials, methods, tools and equipment required to complete various cleaning practices is necessary for success in this role.

Forepersons are equipped with a smart phone or data-enabled device for communication and reporting, carried at all times. Successful candidates must cede to a criminal record and driver’s license check; and must be bondable. An ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and thrive under deadline pressure is essential. Supervisors must employ critical thinking while retaining the best interests of client and company alike.

Business Development and Sales

Persons in this role are charged with driving revenue and sales. They are responsible for the conception of actionable goals and strategy; and for the actualization of results via effective management, partner engagement; business development, internal collaboration and marketing strategies. They must establish, manage and grow relationships with key sales and marketing executives in the industry; maintain regular communication with company management and report—appropriately and in a timely fashion—on those issues that affect regional sales.

Also required:

  • •Conduction of in-depth interviews with potential candidates
  • •Recommendation of ideas and strategies that will contribute to the growth of SCBM
  • •Participation in special projects and sales initiatives
  • •Sales and account management experience
  • •Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • •Strong customer service and interpersonal skills
  • •Excellent collaboration and team-building skills; must be organized and methodical, with a knack for prioritization and negotiation
  • •Strong process orientation coupled with an ability to work with virtual teams
  • •Budget and project management experience •Passion for sales and technology
  • •Experience in building relationships with CRMs and Senior-level staff (decision-makers)
  • •Adept at aligning teams to work toward a common goal; proven track record of managerial efficacy